Small link roundup: 1 August 2012

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Five links to share today.

-- An article in German on the Ido Renkontro this year in Dessau, the same place where another renkontro was held back in 1922 - 90 years ago. The same article says there were about 25 people there.

-- An article in French musing on how best to promote French in North America - valorization said to be key, as is often the case in an article of this type. The article notes that 20% of French speakers live outside of Quebec. Quebec is having an election September 9th (Charest announced it today) so expect to see a lot of debate about this. On that note:

-- Another article in French from Quebec, on using English as a working language in Baie-James. Located next to Ontario and with a lot of Cree, how much influence the government in Quebec should have on such an autonomous region is another linguistic issue there.

-- An article in Portuguese also musing about how best to promote the language. This one is pro-orthographic accord.

-- An article in Korean about English and Chinese language camps in Wanju, a county south of Seoul. I've mentioned from time to time that it would be interesting to see if Korea adopts more or less the same approach with Chinese that it has with English, namely a lot of study within the country involving bringing teachers over on visas to teach classes, or whether China's proximity (50 minutes by plane to cities like Qingdao and Dalian) would mean students (or their parents) would simply elect to take the plane ride over to use it in person.


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