Chang'e 3 isn't just a lander

Friday, August 03, 2012

Found out something interesting today about Chang'e, the Chinese probe that plans a landing on the moon next year:

The lander has an astronomical telescope, an extreme ultraviolet camera. It will be world's first lunar-based astronomical observatory, make long-term continuous observation on important celestial bodies for their light variation and low galactic latitude survey. The extreme ultraviolet camera will perform one-time imaging of the ion layer near the Earth, investigate how the solar activities affect the ion layer.

The source is this article, second paragraph.

Next year is not too far away, but Curiosity's landing in just three days is even closer. /r/space on Reddit has been simmering with excitement. At about this time I usually just try to think of other things, especially considering the complexity of the landing. Here's a video to show how the landing has to work in case you've never seen it before or want to refresh your knowledge of the nail-biting process.


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