Demian - an interlinear translation now available on Lulu

Saturday, August 25, 2012

All done!

Back in March I announced that I had completed a translation of Hermann Hesse's Demian, announcing it in both sub-par German, and English. At the time I printed a dozen copies through a local business to see what it looked like, but had yet to actually make it available for sale. One of the reasons was that the 50th anniversary of Hesse's passing had yet to take place (Demian was public domain in the US anyway being published before 1923 but in Canada, Korea, Japan etc. it's 50 years), and the other was to give it one more proofread and maybe make a few tweaks.

In July I went over the book again and made a few changes: found about twenty small typos (not bad for 200+ pages), and made the book a bit bigger: 6 x 9 instead of 5 x 8. I had originally thought to go with Createspace, but found Lulu to be a better option.

About ten days ago I finished it on Lulu and ordered a copy of my own to see it in person, and found it to be nearly perfect. The printing quality is fantastic (i.e. no different at all from any book one can buy in a bookstore) and the only changes that needed to be made were of my own doing: the title went a little bit into the crease on the left, and there was a tiny bit too little space on the top and a little too much on the bottom. So after some final adjustments it has been resubmitted and made public.

You can view it or buy it here, and give it a like if you use Facebook. Lulu lets you preview the first dozen or so pages, but here are some other pictures I've taken of the one that arrived in the mail the other day. You'll notice the difference in the title spacing on the page on Lulu; this one was before the correction was made.


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