UK students suckiest at foreign languages, French students second suckiest

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From here in French, referencing a new survey of foreign language aptitude in 14 countries that I'll try to take a closer look at tomorrow when I have time. No surprises here though:

UK (says anglais but probably means the whole of the UK) students report only 9% being proficient in their first foreign language (French) and 6% the second (German). In France this is 14% (English) and 11% (Spanish). The European average is 42% in the first, 20% in the second. The best and worst are also no surprise. Best countries: Sweden, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands etc....worst countries are France, Belgium, Poland, Spain.

Sweden shows a lopsided ability though: 82% report being proficient in English, but they are last in the list in their second language, Spanish. Basically all English and nothing else.

Well, there actually is one surprise there: Ireland. We'll need to check how many have reported Irish to be their first language and English their second.

More tomorrow, or if you've read the survey then feel free to leave a comment below.


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