Link roundup: 29 July 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

-- Let's begin with an Italian article on the city of Serafina Correa in Brazil, where the two official languages (either permanently or for a week-long festival in the summer, not sure which) are Portuguese and Venetian. The original decree from 1988 on making the language official for that week is here as a pdf.

-- A reminder that there is an astronaut running for Congress this November.

-- Trips to the Gaeltacht are declining, from 28,000 in 2008 to 24,000 this year. Economic conditions are to blame here, and there is no reason to doubt the claim: when times are tough, 750 to 900 euros for a three-week course is probably one of the first items that one would cut from one's household budget.

-- On the Alqueva Dark Sky Reserve, in Portuguese and in English.

-- Evidence for Titan's large underground ocean: its 'squishiness' involving its shape changing by 10 metres due to Saturn's gravitational pull, which is best explained by such an ocean. Here we see one of the benefits of the long-term observation of the moon Cassini has and is continuing to carry out.

-- Why Enceladus is thought by many to be the best destination for finding life. Not that other destinations such as Europa could not have life as well, but Enceladus is the only such destination that constantly sprays these samples out onto the surface like a geyser.


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