Dongdaemun in Seoul has new Chinese-language garbage disposal signs

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From here in Korean:
 Seoul's Dongdaemun-gu announced on the 13th that it was making Chinese-language signs on how to dispose of garbage due to the increasing number of non-Koreans residents living there. The number of foreign nationals in the country is increasing, but many do not know how to dispose of garbage and are leaving it on the streets in black plastic bags.

In order to solve this they have created these signs in Chinese, as Chinese citizens make up the largest number of foreign nationals in the country. In Dongdaemun there are 13,000 foreign nationals, of which 9,000 are Chinese citizens (including ethnic Koreans from China). Following this in number are Mongolians, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

Dongdaemun also plans to make signs in Japanese, Vietnamese and other languages.
In case you're not sure where Dongdaemun is, it's here:

That's the part of town with the large market where cheap clothing can be obtained if you are willing to haggle. Definitely not everybody's cup of tea but most coming to the country for the first time seem to want to visit it.


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