Three German cities make list of top ten European destinations for Italians

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A short article here in Italian references the top ten cities in Europe preferred by Italians for travel, and seems surprised that 1) a full three German cities have made the list, 2) only three Spanish cities made the list, and none of them in the top three. I can't say whether there is too much significance here (i.e. that Italians are flocking to German cities because they want to learn the language to further their careers) but here is the gist of it anyway:

Many Italians seem intent on learning German. This is shown by the rankings compiled by PaesiOnLine on preferred holiday destinations: German-language destinations numbered three, tied with those of English and Spanish, usually the most desirable and sought after.

Leading the top ten in votes was London, followed by Paris (the only French destination in the top ten), followed by Berlin. Spanish destinations were Barcelona (fourth), Madrid (fifth) and Valencia (ninth). Vienna was in sixth place, seventh was Dublin, and the last ones to mention were La Valletta in Malta (eighth) and Munich (tenth).
So just to summarize, that's:

1. London (English)
2. Paris (French)
3. Berlin (German)
4. Barcelona (Spanish)
5. Madrid (Spanish)
6. Vienna (German)
7. Dublin (English, Irish)
8. La Valletta (Maltese, English)
9. Valencia (Spanish)
10. Munich (German)

By the way, today I learned that Monaco in Italian can mean either Monaco or Munich.


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