New German book teaches Chinese to children through songs

Thursday, September 29, 2011

At first sight perhaps not the most newsworthy event, but a new textbook for German children to learn Chinese through songs is a good example of how diversified language learning resources become as a language becomes more and more popular. Instead of just Colloquial (Teach Yourself, Berlitz, etc.) Language as is the case with many small to medium-sized languages, students now have the option to learn the language in the way they see fit - through a textbook, interlinear translations, songs, dramas (complete with textbook instead of just the drama), etc.

Not bad for children. Such songs are usually unbearable for an adult to listen to more than once or twice though so something else is needed. Bands with fairly clear lyrics and nothing overly reminiscent of a single date are the best. Something like this for German:


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