Minister Rudolf Chmel of Slovakia speaks on the prospect of German schooling in the Carpathian mountains

Thursday, March 10, 2011

From an article here in Italian on the German minority in the Carpathian Mountains in Slovakia and the prospects of schooling in German there:
Deputy Prime Minister Rudolf Chmel, in a visit to the German community that lives in the area of Trenčín, said yesterday that a new German school offering education in German from kingergarten to high school, would improve the teaching of German in the Slovakian area of the Carpathian Mountains where Germans live. Chmel, who is in charge of government matters related to human and minority rights, spoke in regards to a decline of interest in learning German in the region.

Chmel visited the high school Ivan Bella in Handlová. According to the director of the school Marian Sorlo, most students prefer to learn English, and the number of those preferring to learn German has dropped in recent years.
According to Wikipedia, Handlová (population 17,698) was settled by Germans but only 0.24% of the population now is German - about 42 people. On the Slovakian Wikipedia I see that 0.04% of the population in Trenčín is German, and with a total of 56365 people that's hardly more than 20...seems like a rather small minority to consider building a school for. Anybody that knows anything about the subject that can fill us in on this?


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