Young Brazilian trainees/interns in the workplace - which languages do they study and speak?

Friday, March 11, 2011

According to an article here in Portuguese, trainees/interns (estagiários - not sure whether it corresponds exactly to an intern in North America) in Brazil are generally of the following makeup:

46% are between 21 and 25 years of age,
39% are between 16 and 20,
9% are between 26 and 30,
5% are over 30.

Languages: 62% know some language besides Portuguese. 56% have chosen to study English, 20% Spanish, and 8% other languages. Since those three don't add up to 100% it's the percentage of the total surveyed, not the percentage of those that study other languages. One assumes that a large number of those that have elected to study Spanish also claim to know English as well.

The numbers on access to technology are also interesting: 91% have internet access, 87% have a computer, 58% an MP3 player, 44% a laptop, 33% a cellphone, and 18% listen to music on an iPod.

The article itself has some other numbers that might be interesting to others as well.


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