Iran's Sima (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) to launch Spanish channel soon

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Here's one article of a few on this that have popped up on my Google Alert for Spanish recently. This is good news for Spanish, and this would make the second broadcaster in a year that is doing so after RT (Russia Today) started Rusia Hoy late 2009. Not that I would recommend it as a news source - here's what they have on the front at the moment for their already existing (but more limited) Spanish service:

Friday prayer in Tehran - okay, that's pretty normal
Denouncing the US role in Ecuador
Converting sanctions against Iran into an opportunity
Iranian self-sufficiency in the aerospace sector
The Zionist regime violates Lebanese aerospace
Animated films and the destruction of the future generation (11 mentions of Zionism in this article too)
The Zionist regime is responsible for the breakdown of negotiations
Success of third-generation missile Fateh110

...and so on, not exactly the most subtle message. But yes, good news for Spanish.

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