New NASA videos in Spanish - NASA y Tu

Saturday, October 02, 2010

More Spanish news today: reading Spaceref today one of their most recent bulletins is here, on a series of new videos produced by NASA in Spanish called NASA y Tú, in an attempt to appeal more to the growing Spanish-speaking population. The page with the videos is here and what's best about it is that everything is subtitled as well, so it's perfect for students of the language.

There are four topics right now (not sure if they intend to add more), which are:

VASIMR and the necessity for a faster method of propulsion than simple chemical combustion
The James Webb Telescope
Construction of the James Webb Telescope


profile of José Hernández, the bilingual astronaut who visited the ISS a few months ago. His Twitter account is here.

Each one of those pages has a 30-second video on the top but the real videos are below and are a few minutes in length each.

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