The brother of Page F30 has a blog too

Friday, July 23, 2010

My older brother informed me the other day that he now has a blog, and since our interests coincide to a certain extent readers here may be interested in reading it / corresponding with him too. Where our interests most align is in linguistics, music and history/religion, and in his case linguistics usually means Sanskrit, as well as French as he is fairly proficient at French (though never gives any specifics on that) and will be moving to Montreal in the fall; music is usually ambient and electronic music and it's thanks to him that I know about bands such as FSOL (Future Sound of London), and history/religion in his case usually means anything from T/Daoism to Buddhism, Hinduism and many others. Where we don't coincide is chemistry in particular, simply because he majored in the subject and I have never really gotten into it. See this post of his for an example of this.

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