Brand new talk on the 400-year dream of discovering extrasolar planets

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here's one of's newest videos, a talk given by Dimitar Sasselov (Bulgarian, I believe) on the discovery of extrasolar planets and Kepler in particular, and how this represents the culmination of a dream held since the 17th century when planets in our own solar system were beginning to be discovered and the natural follow-up question to this was whether this meant that there were planets orbiting other stars as well..the only problem was that it took around four centuries to find this out. Definitely one of the things that makes living in the 21st century great, and once extrasolar Earths in habitable zones are confirmed we'll be even luckier.

Being extremely new, the English transcript hasn't even been added to the bottom yet. My guess at the first translation: Bulgarian, Spanish, or Russian.

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