Francophone students in Bislama to attend Emalus Campus of University of the South Pacific before going overseas

Monday, March 02, 2009

Carte de Vanuatu avec la Nouvelle-Calédonie. New Caledonia is right next to Vanuatu, making French useful on the island nation despite the lack of French everywhere else in the region.

At least, I think that's what this article is about. It's in Bislama and you can read it here. I've made a few educated guesses when translating the article so it might be a bit inaccurate in places.

Vanuatu is in a pretty interesting position geographically and linguistically: it has Bislama, English and French as official languages (plus around 200 other languages, making the presence of Bislama crucial for communication between peoples), and French remains useful due to New Caledonia being located right next to Vanuatu (only 500 km away), so it's not just a useless vestige of colonialism.

Ol Frankofon student we I stap long level blong go long university ovasi, I mas atendem Emalus Campus blong University blong South Pacific long Port Vila festaem, bifo oli save go.
Francophone students that are on the level to go to university overseas must first attend the Emalus Campus of the University of the South Pacific in Port Vila, before they can go.
Ol ripot I talem se hemia I folem wan disisen we gavman blong Vanuatu I tekem blong givim taem long ol niufala student we I rere blong go ovasi, blong oli save lanem laif blong wan university bifo oli save go ovasi.
The report says that the decision of the government of Vanuatu gives time to new students that are ready to go overseas, so they can learn about university life before they are able to go overseas.
Oli talem se gavman I mekem disisen folem sam negative ripot we oli kasem long said blong ol student blong Vanuatu we I go stadi long university long Noumea, New Caledonia.
They say that the government made this decision following some negative reports that they (should?) get on the side of Vanuatu students that are going to study in university in Noumea, New Caledonia.
Plande Frankofon student I stap go rejista finis long Emalus Campus. Rejistresen I klos long Fraede namba 20 Februare.
(Plenty?) Francophone students are finishing registration at Emalus Campus. Registration closes on Friday, 20 February.


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