Australian High Commissioner Pablo Kang speaks fluent Bislama

Monday, March 02, 2009

From an only slightly related article here: "Australia I stap givim samwe long 1.3 milien vatu I go long Vanuatu blong help mentenem ol rod long rurol Vanuatu. Mane ia I kam anda long wan niufala program we oli kolem Vanuatu Transport Sector Support Program."


Australian High Commissioner Pablo Kang confirmed the government of Australia has donated VT 460 million (or AUD 6m) to Vanuatu for the malaria elimination program covering the next three years to 2011.

Mr Kang made the announcement during a press conference at the Prime the Minister’s Office on the malaria elimination programme in Vanuatu.

Mr Kang, who speaks Bislama fluently, said his government has put its emphasis on the health sector, because there will be no work, no school, nothing to achieve if people are sick and spend their life only in hospital or home.

I noted another Australian politician that speaks the language fluently here. Thus far I've had no success though finding a video of any of these people speaking the language. They must exist though; where can we find them? Almost all the videos in Bislama on YouTube are missionary material and songs, but I want to find something much simpler: just a video of a few people sitting down at the table and talking in Bislama about anything.


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