Huge French-Interlingua dictionary can be purchased in paper format as well

Saturday, July 05, 2008

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Last month I wrote a post about the new French - Interlingua dictionary that is quite huge, with a total of 50,000 entries. now has a notice that the dictionary is going to be available in paper format as well, for 30€.

I'm of the opinion that publishing works on actual paper is very important for an international auxiliary language that wants to be taken seriously, because there's a certain gravitas to a real book that you can't get any other way, and it's often the only way to impress those who have any real influence (=generally pretty old people). Here's what the notice says with my translation below:

Le grande dictionario francese-interlingua con quasi 52.000 entratas non solmente existe in un version electronic ci in On pote anque comprar lo como un libro sur papiro.
The large French-Interlingua dictionary with almost 52,000 entries doesn't just exist in an electronic version here on One can also buy is as a book on paper.

Le dictionario es le plus grande publicate usque hodie in francese, e illo anque es inter le plus grande dictionarios de interlingua del toto. Illo contine 325 paginas in formato A4 con texto in tres columnas. Illo va haber un copertura colorate e plastificate e un dorso anellate. Le precio es 30 euros plus le porto postal.

The dictionary is the largest published today in French, and it also is one of the largest Interlingua dictionaries of all. It contains 325 pages in A4 format with text in three columns. It will have a coloured and plastic cover, and a ringed back. The price is 30 Euros plus the postal charge.

Piet Cleij, vice-secretario del Union Mundial pro Interlingua, es le autor del dictionario que esseva publicate in forma electronic in in le initio de junio. Con le adjuta de Alberto Mardegan, administrator del UMI, ille actualmente corrige un numero de incorrectiones causate per le conversion del base de datos al version electronic. Iste labor pote durar ancora alcun septimanas, e solmente quando toto ha essite controlate, le libro sur papiro essera publicate.

Piet Cleij, vice-secretary of the Union Mundial pro Interlingua, is the authour of the dictionary that was published in electronic form on in the beginning of June. With the help of Alberto Mardegan, administrator of the UMI, he now is correcting a number of errors caused by the conversion of the database to the electronic version. This labour could take some more weeks, and only when all has been checked will the paper book be published.

Interessatos pote ja ora reservar un exemplar per contactar Piet Cleij.

Those interested can now reserve a copy by contacting Piet Cleij.


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