Sarkozy says 'it's not reasonable' to gather as G8 / Francés Sarkozy dice 'no es razonable' reunirse como G8

Saturday, July 05, 2008

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I'm making another trilingual news announcement, from Spanish into English and then using those two for the translation into Lingua Franca Nova. This one's shorter than the last one and has to do with Sarkozy's opinion that the G8 is flawed the way it is considering the new economic reality of the early 21st century. For a more detailed look into the matter, see this article from the Globe and Mail.

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The president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, said that "it's not reasonable" to bring the leaders of the Group of Eight (G8) together in an annual summit without the participation of emerging countries like China and India.
PARIS (Reuters) - El presidente de Francia, Nicolas Sarkozy, dijo que "no es razonable" reunir a los líderes del Grupo de los Ocho (G8) en una cumbre anual sin la participación de países emergentes como China e India. La presidente de Frans, Nicolas Sarkozy, ia dise ce "no es razonable" reunir la xefes de la Grupo de Oto (G8) en un culmine anial sin la partisipa de paises emerjinte como Xina e India.
"I am one of those that think that it's not reasonable to bring together the G8," said Sarkozy in a conference held by the ruling UMP party in Paris two days before the annual summit of the G8 that will be held in Japan.
"Soy uno de los que piensan que no es razonable reunir al G8," dijo Sarkozy en una conferencia realizada por el gobernante partido UMP en París dos días antes de la cumbre anual del G8 que se realizará en Japón. "Me es un de aceles ce pensa ce no es razonable reunir la G8," ia dise Sarkozy en un conferi realida par la parte governante UMP en Paris, a du dias ante la culmine anial de la G8 ce va es realida en Japan.
"I think it is unreasonable to continue to bring together the eight to solve major world affairs, forgetting China with 1,300 million people, and without inviting India with 1,000 million people," said Sarkozy.
"Pienso que no es razonable seguir reuniendo a los ocho para solucionar los grandes asuntos del mundo, olvidando a China, con 1.300 millones de personas, y sin invitar a India, con 1.000 millones de personas," afirmó Sarkozy."Me pensa ce no es razonable continuar reuni la Oto per solve la cosas la plu grande de la mundo, oblidante Xina, con 1,300 milion persones, e sin invitante India, con 1,000 milion persones," ia dise Sarkozy.


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