Kids talking and playing a game in Tok Pisin

Friday, June 06, 2008

This is a cool video I just stumbled across:

If you don't know, Tok Pisin is the language that unites Papua New Guinea, and is a creole mostly based on English. It's also mostly the same thing as Bislama, spoken in nearby Vanuatu where a similar linguistic situation exists.

I'll write out the subtitles here as well (some parts don't look like the right spelling though, like got for gat):

Nogat. (No.)

Yu ken tok long wanem taim mi tok stop (stap?). (You can talk when I say 'stop'.)

Taim bilong em. (Her turn.)

Bai mi kaikai tupela biskit nau. (I will eat two biscuits now.)

Mi got (gat?) o nogat? (I have it, or no?)

Yu ken kissim faipela guess. (You can guess five times.)

Olgeta givim long em. (Everyone give them to her.)


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