Why Japan uses kanji

Saturday, January 02, 2016

I came across this video today that explains it better than any other single video I've seen on the subject:

I have two points to add: one is that Korea has recently (past decade and a bit) started learning hanja again, not to write Korean in daily life but on a more macro- and historical scale, and also because it's good prep for Chinese and Japanese. Now it's only the generation in their 30s and 40s that doesn't know more than a few dozen hanja, for the most part.

The other point: one other reason not to get rid of kanji is because of China. It seems like an obvious point but China since the early 20th century until about a decade and a bit ago has more or less been a non-entity, which is an aberration when you consider its traditional role and strength. Now that China is back where it has traditionally been, it has become an easy country to point to when referencing the benefits of kanji / hanja.


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