Germany in 1912: Images 326 to 330

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Krupp. The interior grinding of the dome of an armored turret is done with a strong revolving device.

Krupp. -- A cuirass assembly workshop. The domes receive their cap, and will then crown the actual turret.

The Kiel Canal opens out onto the Baltic, on Holtenau on the North Sea. Its strategic importance is paramount. The Kiel Canal would have a considerable role to play in a maritime conflict.

Krupp. -- A turning and polishing workshop. Once formed, the canon pieces move on to the turning and polishing workshop. Once they leave there they are ready for installation.

Krupp. -- A gun boring workshop. The drilling work is a long operation. One could say that a large calibre piece should be started at the same time as the ship itself.


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