Germany in 1912: Images 241 to 250

Friday, July 04, 2014

A duel. - The dressing. - The duel stopped, the surgeon goes over the edges of the wound with antiseptic and using a sharp tapestry needle deftly sews the gaping gashes together.

The stitches are done coarsely, making the scars clearly visible.

The scars are decorations and trophies, making one worthy of being loved as a hero.

The night parties do not go on without remaining seated for long hours in front of glasses constantly emptied and filled. For every self-respecting German, there can not be a party without beer.

Teachers have kept their traditional costume in ceremonies. It gives a lot of importance that fits well with the reputation enjoyed in Germany as a "Herr Professor".

A new rector. - The ceremony in which the outgoing Rector places his big red coat on the new Rector is of a very impressive character.

Corporate houses. - The "Body" is composed of all homeowners where they meet every day. These buildings can be more or less elegant, depending on the fortunes of the members.

A student carnival. - In university towns, the student carnival is one of the most anticipated holidays and also the one that gets the most success.

A student carnival. - The festival is organized from time with a unity and a precision due precisely to the existence of student corporations and their discipline.

A student carnival. - The processions, often very picturesque, parade through the streets in a crowd always very sympathetic to student demonstrations.


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