Germany in 1912: Images 221 to 230

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Ehrhardt plans also produces guns and ammunition: rupture shells, breaking shells, melinite shells, shrapnel and infantry projectiles.

Altenhof is one of the working cities created by Krupp to provide its staff with comfortable, low rent housing.

Altenhof. -- A maisonette arranged for two widows.

Altenhof. -- A maisonette for one family.

At Friedrichshof the maisonettes of varied architecture are charming and cheerful, and they are separated by squares between them, where children can play under easy surveillance.

A student. - The member of the council of a "Corps" wear the "Cerevis", a kind of polo embroidered with gold, a gaudy jacket, scarf, white pants, very high boots, gauntlets and a long sword.

Saluting the Crown Prince. - The corps of students have an official relationship with the authorities. In university towns, they yield to the teachers, but come before the officers.

Gerard Hauptmann, seen here seated to the left of a lady, is the president of the students. He is currently the greatest writer in Germany.

A student room. - The rooms of German students of Goettingen resemble ordinary room of the Latin Quarter, but are generally better kept.

Corporate houses. - Every corporation has a "Kneipesaal" room where one drinks, and which also serves as a room for conversation, reading, and cabaret.


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