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Sunday, March 31, 2013

I see today that someone has released a Memrise to Anki converter, which is great to have considering how slow Memrise is in limiting the student to learning five words at a time. Anki is a lot more malleable and user-friendly in this regard. I haven't tried this converter out but I see some others have and seem to be satisfied.

On a related note, Anki seems to be most effective when one has learned enough vocabulary that it becomes progressively harder to find new words to learn. When first starting a language everything is new, and though learning vocabulary arranged by frequency is not necessarily a bad idea, simple exposure to the language itself will do this for you. That is, if a word is frequently used you are likely to see it all the time anyway, and you will be more than occupied with learning new word after new word, given that just about everything is new at this stage.

Go forward a bit (a few months to a few years depending on how much time you are putting into the language) and one reaches a stage where a full page of reading material will only provide a single word or two, and by now these new words are usually quite rare. Some obscure verb, a fruit you haven't come across before, a type of dish, whatever. Chances are you won't see this new word again for quite some time, and this is where Anki becomes really useful. Add this word to your deck, include the sentence where it appears, and now you are upping your exposure to this word that you otherwise would have forgotten in less than a day.


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