Demian in Sambahsa now in paper form

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Today I finished the final touches on of Olivier Simon's translation of Hermann Hesse's Demian into Sambahsa, which makes it now the first paper-based product one can buy written in the language. A quick look at my author spotlight on Lulu and then the individual pages for the books shows some clear differences between the two:

-- Demian in Sambahsa is smaller (5.5 by 8.5 instead of 9 by 9) and fewer pages, since this is a regular translation and not an interlinear one,

-- The price is about half that of my interlinear translation. Part of this is the size of the book, while the other part is a much lower profit margin. This book is $5.93 to make, and the extra on the top is mostly to keep the book from coming across as cheap (cheapening any product past a certain point makes it feel less valuable and can actually hurt it).

-- The design is much simpler, a simple Lulu template. My book design took quite a while to make and required the touching up by a certain Lance Kraemer, while Demian in Sambahsa doesn't really need this as being in paper form itself is impressive enough. On the other hand, if anyone wants to submit a design of their own just to help out I can always change it.

I will be ordering my own copy in a few days.


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