Germany the first choice for relocation for European engineers

Sunday, December 30, 2012

This article from die Welt has some interesting numbers (including a map summarizing them) on the number of engineers in countries in Europe that see Germany as their first choice for relocation. Well, countries in Europe except for all the ones from Estonia all the way south to Ukraine, plus former Yugoslavia and Albania, so we don't know what they think.

But besides them, engineers that most prefer Germany as a destination are from Russia at 71.4%. Austria is quite high at 69.7% (no reason not to choose Germany since it's next door and speaks the same language), Spain and Portugal are just above 60%, Bulgaria in the mid-50s...the lowest ones are Norway at 22.2% (UK, Sweden and Denmark are probably more attractive), Netherlands is 27.3% (did they prefer the UK and Belgium?), and Belgium is the lowest at 15.4% , maybe due to France + UK + Netherlands taking up most of the first preferences.


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