Russian Alliance of Higher Education interviewing Brazilian medical students for the University of Kursk

Monday, May 28, 2012

From here in Portuguese:

The Russian Alliance of Higher Education has begun interviews with candidates for medical school at the State University of Kursk, considered to be one of the best in Russia. The candidate must be up to 25 years old, and students that are not fluent in English have the option of attending preparatory school, where a student is given three months to prepare, and three months on top of this if necessary.

Medical courses in Russia are in high demand by Brazilians because of the incentives the Russian government gives to foreign students. Each student on average spends 7000 reals ($3500 USD) per year with travel expenses and housing, which represents an amount much smaller than private universities in Brazil. The university is located in Kursk, which has a low cost of living. Currently there are about 250 Brazilian students studying medicine in Russia.

Those who know the Russian language can enroll in post-graduate and doctorate courses. In these, students that are up to 36 years of age can stay in preparatory school for nine months to learn the language, and then enter the chosen course.

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