Link roundup: 12 May 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

--- We'll begin with this article from BBC, one of many on the recent Dawn press conference detailing what they know about the protoplanet so far. The term protoplanet seems to be being used more and more to describe it, as the term asteroid just doesn't seem to fit quite as well considering its makeup. One look at Vesta compared to all the other asteroids we've visited so far shows this to a certain extent:

--- An article on rogue planets - their huge number (many more rogue planets than stars) and the possibility of life by scooping it up when passing by other locations. Note all the debate below.

--- On the Mouvement Montréal Français, complete with video.

--- More Spanish videos for the US election, this time from Obama's side:

 --- More on the official languages bill in South Africa: Afriforum welcomes some modifications made.

 --- Also in South Africa: the ANC's efforts to woo Afrikaners.


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