Portuguese language countries condemn military coup in Guinea-Bissau

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This is related to the question of membership for Equatorial Guinea in the CPLP (Comunidade de Paises da Língua Portuguesa), a group that is concerned that membership for the country would compromise their ability to stand for human rights issues. This recent unanimous condemnation is one example:

The CPLP has proposed the creation of a military force to intervene in Guinea-Bissau after a military coup last Thursday which led to the imprisonment of the interim president and the prime minister of the country.

Meeting in Lisbon, the eight members of the CPLP threatened those responsible for the coup with sanctions if constitutional order is not restored.

Hours before, political parties from Guinea-Bissau met with military leaders of the coup, who said they planned to return power to civilians.

The former ruling party did not participate in the meeting. The whereabouts of its candidate Carlos Gomes Junior for the presidential elections that were to happen next month is still unknown.

The army says that he is "safe" and that he was arrested. The coup was condemned by the international community.


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