Euronews on Portuguese youth leaving the country, voting Communist in Vladivostok

Sunday, December 11, 2011

One interesting video and one article from Euronews to mention today:

1 - A video of ten minutes in length here in Portuguese and here in English (and for other languages, just change the language in the menu bar above) about Portuguese youth leaving the country for opportunities in other countries, in particular those that speak Portuguese such as Angola and Brazil. I recently wrote about how Angola's economy is helping Portuguese citizens find work abroad, so this is a nice complement to the previous post. In order to accentuate the video's theme it is replete with clip after clip of people standing in lines looking for work, and Portugal ends up looking like a pretty depressing place to be in this video.

2 - an article here on Vladivostok's voting communist in the recent Russian elections (once again, you can change the language if you want). Anything on Vladivostok is of particular interest to me since it is the only real major Russian city near Japan and Korea, and in spite of being located nearby it is not that easy to get to: a plane ticket to Vladivostok from Seoul for example costs about $800, about three times what it costs to get to somewhere like Japan or Taiwan. Flights also take place only once, or maybe twice a week. In Seoul it is easy to forget that Russia is just an hour away by plane, though the port city of Busan (Korea's second-largest city) has a much larger number of Russian sailors.

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