Link roundup for 15 November 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A summary of what I've come across over the past few days:

A Latin - English interlinear text. These literal interlinear translations are my favourite way to read a language I know a certain amount of but am far from fluent in, and even more so with a language like Latin with a fairly flexible word order and a lot of declensions. More modern textbooks should have sections like these, possibly with English in red and a pair of red glasses attached if you want to try the text without the translation first.

More on Afrikaans at the universities of Pretoria and Stellenbosch: Pretoria here, Stellenbosch here.

An article here on Spain's recognition of exceptional Spanish-language programs (educational programs that is, not TV) in the United States.

The Serbian Wikipedia right now has this article on the front page:

That's the page on Armenia, and it's very detailed. Slightly more content than the German version. That page led me to the page on Armavia (the Armenian airline), and thereafter to the page on an airplane model I had never seen before: the Sukhoi Superjet 100. Looks like Russia is finally making and selling civilian jets again:

And finally, the owner of Bad Astronomy has recently given a talk at TEDxBoulder, about near-Earth asteroids. Is it good? I'll find out in a second, but I assume it will be. Here it is:


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