Mondial example sentences, part 10: The weather, and some other words.

Friday, September 09, 2011

And now for the final Mondial example sentences. With this out of the way I'll be able to spend more time just on finishing up the dictionary, which I was only able to complete half a page of yesterday. It is now just breaking into the letter F. After the dictionary is finished I'll start writing some content in the language, something I don't really enjoy doing unless I have a quick (using ctrl-f) access to most of the words I will need.


Le tempe -- The weather

Ple uvra (cluda) le fenestre (porta). Yo e calde (fride). Quel tempe e lo hodie? -- Please open (shut) the window (door). I am warm (cold). How is the weather today?

Lo e bel tempe, ma lo e fride. Tri grades soto cero. -- The weather is fine, but it is cold. Three degrees below zero.

Lo non evi tan fride yer come hodie. Lo evi plu calde, du grades supre cero. -- It wasn't so cold yesterday as today. It was warmer, two degrees above zero.

Si, ma lo pluviavi tute le tempo. Le pluvie cadavi in torentes. -- Yes, but it was raining the whole time. The rain came down in torrents.

Si, lo evi un horible tempe. Come lo e bon que lo ha cesate da pluviar! E le ciel clar? -- Yes, the weather was horrible. It is good that it has stopped raining. Is the sky clear?

No, il e nubose, lo ha justo obscurate se, ma yo creda que lo va tosto aclarar se. -- No, it is cloudy, it has just darkened, but I think it will soon brighten up.

E lo calme, o sufla lo? -- Is it calm, or is there a wind?

Lo tempesta, ma lo sera tosto luce de sole. Le barometre monta (cada). -- The weather is stormy, but we shall soon have some sunshine. The barometer is rising (falling).

Alor nu hara lume de luna cil nocte, i le stelas briliara. Come yo ama cuando lo gela i e glace sur le fluve! -- Then we shall have moonlight tonight, and the stars will shine. How I love it when it is freezing, and there is ice on the river!

Colores -- Colours

Blanque. Grise. Jal. Oranja. Ruge. Lila. Blu. Verde. Brun. Nigre. Clar. Obscur. -- White. Grey. Fellow. Orange. Red. Lilac. Blue. Green. Brown. Black. Light. Dark.

Le corpe human -- The human body

Capo. Face. Fronte. Cerebre. Menton. Guance. Nase. Boca. Labie. Ocle. Orelie. Nuca. Col. Gola. Epol. Cor. Pulmon. Pecte. Talie. Stomaque. Dorse. Brace. Mano. Jambe. Pede. Cude. Genu. Digite. Digite de pede. -- Head. Face. Forehead. Brain. Chin. Cheek. Nose. Mouth. Lip. Eye. Ear. Back of the head. Neck. Throat. Shoulder. Heart. Lung. Chest (Breast). Waist. Stomach. Back. Arm. Hand. Leg. Foot. Elbow. Knee. Finger. Toe.

Le dias del semana -- The days of the week

Soldi. Lundi. Mardi. Mierdi. Jodi. Vendi. Samdi. -- Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday.

Algue altre dias -- Some other days

Vigil de Natal. Dia de Natal. -- Christmas Eve. Christmas Day.

Dia del novel ano. -- New Year's Day.

Pascua. Soldi de Pascua. -- Easter. Easter Sunday.

Le Sante Vendi. -- Good Friday.

Le Pentecoste. Le Sante Johan. -- Whitsun. Midsummer.

Dia de tute Santes. -- All Saints' Day.

Le menses. -- The months

Januario. Februario. Marce. April. Maye. Junio. Julio. Augusto. Septembre. Octobre. Novembre. Decembre.

Algue animales -- Some animals

Caval. Asne. Vaca. Cane. Cate. Muton. Agnel. Porque. Galina. Vulpe. Lupe. Urse. Leon. Tigre. -- Horse. Donkey. Cow. Dog. Cat. Sheep. Lamb. Pig. Hen. Fox. Wolf. Bear. Lion. Tiger.


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