All about the Diocese of Macau

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The front page article on the Portuguese Wikipedia at the moment is this one:

It's about the (Roman Catholic) Diocese of Macau, and given that it goes into way more detail than the English version it's worth reading (or using Google Translate to read) for anyone interested in Macau, and Portuguese in Macau in particular.

It has a lot of numbers and other information:

"In 2004, the Diocese of Macau had approximately 18,000 to 27,500 Catholics. In 2008, the number grew to 28,700 - about 5.3% of the total population...the liturgy is usually celebrated in Chinese, Portuguese and English...according to article 34 of the Basic Law of the Special Administrative Region of Macau, "the residents of Macau enjoy freedom of religious belief and the freedom to pray, to promote religious activities in public and to participate in them...(article 128) the government of Macau does not interfere in internal subjects of religious organizations, nor their maintenance or the development of relations of religious organizations and their believers with believers outside Macau..."

and so on. Well worth the time it takes to read.


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