Aiming to make Chinese the third most studied foreign language in northern Portugal after Spanish and English

Sunday, September 18, 2011

From here:
The Confucius Institute at the University of Minho is starting six Chinese courses in eight schools in the north of the country. The project, under the name "Chinese in Schools", aims to expand the teaching of Mandarin in pre-university institutions and to promote its implementation as a third curricular language in the long term, after English and Spanish. There are about 300 children and students that will have the opportunity to learn the language.
In other news, Dawn has just about reached HAMO - high altitude mapping orbit, the second of the third orbits it will use to observe Vesta. In spite of the word high altitude in the name it is actually quite low in comparison to the previous one, a full four times closer to the surface which will finally shed some light on the surface features of Vesta we've only been able to guess at so far.

And in Mondial news: 6100 words in the dictionary so far, and it should break 7000 by the end. By the end of tomorrow I should be quite close to finishing it.


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