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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I haven't written about Ido in quite some time. As the second or third-largest IAL the good thing about Ido is that there is a good amount of activity even if you are too busy with other things for a few months. The smallest major languages (Novial for example) can see their activity easily double with a dedicated user, and reduce to close to nothing if one or two of them become too busy with 'real life' (=money, bills, moving, etc.) to contribute.

Not that Ido is large enough that a dedicated user won't make a difference, mind you.

So what's new?

The first obvious piece of news is the Ido Renkontro this year, to take place in Luxembourg. The renkontro starts on the 17th of August, which is just two weeks from now. I naturally won't be going as it's across the sea and I don't have the time to just take off for a week, desfortunoze. Last time there were some 20+ people in Tübingen (Germany), and with a location about as central as the last I expect there to be about the same amount of participation.

Literature: at least four stories have been published in the past two months. They can be downloaded (pdf) here if you are signed in to Idolisto (Yahoo).

(Ido was the only reason I ever created a Yahoo! account in the first place)

The first one is two stories called Experimento and Sentinelo, written by Frederic Brown and translated into Ido.

Another one is also a translation of the same author, called Terani kun Donacaji.

A third one is called Josh, ocidero di alieni. Science fiction, seems to be humorous, translated.

The last one mentioned here is the longest, also science fiction and translated, called La Nexta, Logikala Pazo.


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