Ido gets a mention in the German press

Monday, August 22, 2011

Note: this isn't my upcoming big auxlang announcement.

Ido got a mention in the German press some two days ago in an article here. There isn't any real need to translate any of the article as it is exactly what one expects: Ido is a language to help communication between peoples, it's easy to learn, originally came into being as a reform of Esperanto, etc. The author of the article obviously is not an auxlang supporter (which is good, makes it more of a real article instead of a letter to the editor-type PR piece) since hello in Ido is written there as saludo (it's actually saluto).

The article also says that Ido sounds a certain amount like Italian (true), Ido has no special characters besides the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet (true and good they mentioned that), Ido is spoken by a few thousand people (true as far as I can tell), it's not a language made to suppress other languages but rather encourage language diversity, etc. They also talk a bit about why they chose this year's location in Luxembourg.

There are four comments below the article at the moment: three are from Esperantists promoting Esperanto to anyone who might be listening, and one from an Idist.


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