77% of Czechs say that German language is important for work

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No surprise when you're a relatively small country with both Germany and Austria just across the border. According to this article:

"77% of Czechs said that "German is important for one's work" in a questionnaire done in Prague by the Geothe-Institut and the German-Czech Future Fund. 30% of Czechs learn German at the moment as a second language, but there is a lot of room for growth here: according to the survey the German language is often not offered in school until the seventh grade.

So why doesn't Deutsche Welle have any German courses in Czech? As is the case with Italian, once again we have the otherwise superb Deutsche Welle seemingly dropping the ball on this one.

A chart showing German as a foreign language in the EU can be seen on Wikipedia here. Nothing is really a surprise there, with the Netherlands and Denmark near the top. Slovakia actually has more German speakers per capita than the Czech Republic, but when you notice that Bratislava to Vienna is just 75 km that is no surprise. From Prague to the nearest large German city (Dresden) is twice that, and to the capital is 350 km.


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