Italy and Spain not happy with European trilingual patents

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I heard this story on Deutsche Welle today - a new patent system is about to go into service in the EU that will be much cheaper than before due to only needing to be written in three languages - English, German, and French. Unhappy with the decision are Italy and Spain, who apparently will not let the patents be valid in their countries. That makes a total of 25 EU countries where they will be valid.

Current cost of an EU patent: 32,000 euros. In the US a patent costs the equivalent of 1,850 euros, and the new EU patent will cost 680 euros.

This issue should be gold for promoting IALs like Ido/Esperanto/Interlingua/etc. in Spain and Italy, who feel like they are being squeezed out by the others. The argument that translation costs a lot of money is often seen on sites like, but it doesn't strike quite as close to home as actually having one's language excluded just because it's not quite as large, or historically influential as certain others.


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