Instituto Camões to open a school in Toronto, Canada

Thursday, June 02, 2011

From here in Portuguese today:

The Instituto Camões will create a cultural centre in the city of Toronto, Canada, where the Portuguese language will be learned not just by those of Portuguese/Lusophone descent, but anyone that wants to learn Portuguese as a foreign language.

The Instituto Camões Centre of Language and Culture will have a library and a school to teach Portuguese, and will be set up in a "very Portuguese" region of Toronto.

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Also in the province of British Columbia on the west coast, the coordinator Ana Paula Ribeiro is in direct contact with officials from the University of Vancouver (I assume they mean University of British Columbia here), in order to make it possible to reintroduce Portuguese courses in the upcoming school year, which has been suspended for eight years. In Ontario the fight continues for official recognition of the Portuguese language in the educational system.

Not indicated in the article is the date when the centre will be opened. I'm sure Google alerts will keep me up to date and I'll write a post on that when a concrete date is given / I find another source with the exact date.


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