Where Germans live longest on average: in the south

Saturday, April 30, 2011

An article here in Welt today has two maps that are easy to understand even if you don't know German, showing the average lifespan in parts of the country for both men and women. For the actual names of places where lifespans are the longest and shortest:

Men: live longest in München (80.9), Kreis Starnberg (80.7), Hochtaunuskreis (80.5), live shortest in Pirmasens (72.4), Suhl (73), and Lüchow-Dannenberg (73.4). Average in the east is 74.4, in the west is 76.7.

Women: live longest in Kenzkreis (85, I think Kenzkreis is how you spell it), and Würzburg, Tübingen, Böblingen (84.5 each), live shortest in Heidenheim (75.3), Suhl (77.8), Pirmasens (78.5). Average in the east 82.4, west 82.7.


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