How Quebec voters reacted to the French-language Canadian election debate

Saturday, April 16, 2011

La Presse has an interesting page today here that includes four videos that were shown to 1000 Quebec francophones, who had a number of selections to choose from when watching one of the four party leaders in the debate based on how they felt about them and what they were saying. Quite similar to what CNN does a lot of the time for presidential and other debates except that this one was done after the debates as a poll instead of live while everybody watched. The results are shown either through a line graph on the bottom or these adjectives on the right that fluctuate up and down:

You don't even have to know any French besides what these words mean (confused, irritated, engaged, annoyed, happy, interested, troubled, excited, informed, tuneout) to get an idea of which of the four Quebec francophones like the most, and least. Keep in mind that for everyone but Duceppe French is an L2, so annoyance may often be at their French itself as much as what they are saying.


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