New French radio station in Ontario to begin in fall 2011, the first private French radio station since 1957

Thursday, January 13, 2011

At the moment there is only a single article on this radio station, from Radio-Canada. This is apparently the first French radio station to be given a license in Ontario since 1957. The towns that this radio station will broadcast are known as Nipissing and Rivière des Français (French River), and are located in an area that is sometimes grouped along with southern Ontario and sometimes with the North. In any case, it's fairly close to the Quebec border. Calling up a Google map from one town to the other will show the region where this new radio station will broadcast.

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Some info from the article:
Francophones in Nipissing and Rivière des Français will be able to tune in to a private French-language radio station starting this autumn. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commision has granted an operating license to the lawyer Paul Lefebvre, owner of the station "Le Loup FM".

This station is already available in Sudbury and Timmins, and has re-transmitters in Chapleau, Hearst and Kapuskasing. The new station will be established in Surgeon Falls, will hire four people and will be broadcast at 97.1 FM. This is the first radio broadcasting licence in Ontario for a French-language station since 1957.

Paul Lefebvre is proud to be the person to make this happen, saying "this sort of thing happens very rarely, but when a community is behind a license, and everybody writes that there is a crying need in the region, I think the CRTC had no choice but to acquiesce to the demands of the people in the area."

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