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Monday, November 22, 2010

YouTube over the past year or so has made me into a Disney fan, which is notable since there were few things I hated more when growing up than Disney movies. A bit of animation then an annoying song, a little bit more animation and once again the characters break out into song, blech. But now that 1) Disney doesn't seem to make these types of movies anymore and 2) YouTube is full of clips of Disney songs in just about any major language you can think of, I'm suddenly a fan.

One account here is quite good, with the German lyrics for a few dozen songs. The song Reflection (Spiegelbild) from Mulan is particularly good, and though that account has disabled embedding I found it somewhere else:

Reflection sounds good in pretty much any language though. Here it is in Bulgarian.

Now that one doesn't have the lyrics on the video, but if it's not there chances are you should be able to find it either in the video explanation or in the comments below. For this video we've lucked out and a helpful commenter has added them:

Може би няма никога да зарадвам аз моето семейство
Може би друга роля имам аз
В този миг осъзнавам колко различна съм
Как да споделя това
Кой се оглежда в мен
Може би друга съм
Как да разбера коя съм аз сега
Как ли да скрия аз образа другия
Колко тайни крие той образа в мен
Колко тайни крие той образа в мен?

Another song that sounds great in most languages is Part of Your World. The Austrian German version sounds better than the standard German one:

And for some reason the Spanish and Italian versions don't sit well with me. Too busy or something, and the Italian one in particular sounds a bit like it's trying to hard to impress, coming across more like a finely-trained singer instead of a lonely mermaid singing to her two friends.

I'll Make a Man out of You also sounds quite good in German and a few others:

Once again the Italian version seems off - sounds just like somebody brought in to record a song, not a seasoned warrior.

The French versions are overall quite good, such as this one.

I haven't listened to every language available on YouTube (probably even fewer than half) but one other language that also always sounds nice is Icelandic, and there are a few Icelandic users there that seem particularly motivated about providing lyrics and an English translation for as many as they can. Here's one.

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