Scholar of Ancient Greek stops by Reddit to answer a flood of questions

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last week I spent about two days answering questions on Reddit under a subreddit called IAMA where interesting / talented / famous / etc. people can offer to answer questions, and if the submission is interesting it will be voted up and receive more attention.

Around that time I noticed on /r/Christianity that a certain poster's grandfather was a professor of Ancient Greek, and perhaps would be interested in answering some questions. Yesterday the professor himself showed up and started the IAMA, and the submission has been massively upvoted and questions are everywhere. So bookmark this thread and/or keep an eye on this user page if you're interested in Biblical Greek. He also happens to be the authour of a textbook that takes Biblical Greek, adds an interlineary (literal) English translation below, followed by an actual translation to the right. There is a screenshot of the textbook here.

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