Create your own frequency list for Chinese

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I love this page. Not only can you create your own frequency list for Chinese, but you can choose whether you want it to be based on short stories, or newspapers. The difference between the two is pretty huge.

Short stories top ten: 一个 (one, a), 什么 (what), 没有 (no, don't, didn't), 自己 (self), 我们 (we), 他们 (they), 知道 (know), 起来 (signified verb completion), 这个 (this). Nothing out of the ordinary there. Switch it to news though and we get: 中国 (China), 美国 (United States), 发展 (development), 经济 (economy), 国家 (country), 问题 (problem), 一个 (one, a), 工作 (work), 台湾 (Taiwan), 社会 (society). So out of the top ten only one is the same. Based on the kind of Chinese you need to concentrate on you can pick one, though I would recommend knowing the top 500 of the other list even if you choose to concentrate on one.

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