Frenkisch as it sounds like spoken (before a slight reform)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I bought a new netbook the other day and thought I would try making a video in Frenkisch, as 1) it doesn't get as much attention as it should IMO and 2) it would be interesting to see just how well speakers of German, Dutch, Norwegian etc. understand it. The video I recorded turned out to have much worse audio quality than I thought and so I intended to redo it the next day, but sending it to David Parke (the creator of the language) in the meantime he mentioned that Frenkisch is on the cusp of a small reform, meaning that the video I recorded yesterday will then become a bit obsolete. So I decided that I would wait until the new version of Frenkisch came out to record the video again, and in the meantime made the video public as-is, and those on auxlang or elsewhere can listen to it and see what they think.

Some of the changes to be made, by the way, are: 1) plural of the verb to be changes from aire to sinde, 2) no strict V2 (verb in second place) in subordinate clauses, 3) subjunctive now easier to form, by using meuge.

So here is the video, and the transcript is below. If you speak a Germanic language you may wish to avoid reading it the first time in order to see how much you can understand, and so I put the transcript a bit below out of sight of the video. Two notes on the video: 1) I used the wrong word for ear (ajr, which is an ear as in an ear of corn), 2) Frenkisch is pretty easy to pronounce but the temptation to pronounce certain parts as in German is pretty strong and that's why fader came out as fater and klein sounds like klayn instead of kleyn as it should. I was actually thinking of rewriting it with diacritics (spräk for spraik for example) in order to make it easier to pronounce on the spot but didn't get around to it, and also thought it might hinder me from getting used to Frenkisch orthography in the end anyway.






Goud dag. Ick is Dave MacLeod fon, ond disdag will ick
fertelle om en spraik mid de nam Frenkisch. Infall aire ji en spreker
fon en spraik als tudisch, norisch, niderlandisch, afrikaans, ond so
wyder, so kunne ji ferstaie dis spraik auten problemen.

Ick is nejt de schaper fon dis spraik; hi heit David Parke. Ji kunne
sende en email tou him mid dis adress. Ond ick will nejt ferklare meir
om dis spraik, fordat kunne ji lese om ett in de internet. Disdag will
ick einfaldig spreke in Frenkisch, ond ji kunne beslute hou tenke ji
om ett.

Eirst, en klein oversetting fon tudisch tou frenkisch, fon en artikul
in Deutsche Welle.

In de gansch wereld aire produkten fon Tudischland kennd ond popular.
Menn kenne autoren ond tenker fon Tudischland. Doch hou popular is die
tudisch spraik?

For mannig menschen is ett en dreum, tou kenne ond lerne om
Tudischland personlik. Doch hou sej aut de spraik tou dem? Tudisch is
tou de ajren fon mannig menschen tou swair, tou hard, tou onmelodios.
Euk is de grammatik tou swair tou lerne. Kann tudisch wese en eigenlik
international spraik?

Goud. De tweide is en oversetting fon norisch, fon Wikipedia.

Ålesund is en stad in de nordwest fon Norweg. De stad is international
kennd for syn speciell architektur in jugendstil (jongestil in
Frenkisch), mid tournen, hausen, ond fantastisch ornamenten an de
gebauwen fon de stad. De architektur in de centrum fon Ålesund is de
resultat fon de katastrofisch stadbrand in 1904
(niewntejn-null-fiewer), hwann was de total centrum fon de stad legd
tou de grond. Ond after de stadbrand was de stad konstruird opniew.

Goud. Dat was nejt tou swair tou ferstaie, nejt wair? Ond de tride
oversetting tou Frenkisch is fon niderlandisch, euk fon Wikipedia.

Swartbouk. Swartbouk is en niderlandisch film fon 2006
(tweitausend-sex) om en jong judisch frauw hwei werded en spion in de
tweide wereldkryg andgegen Tudischland ond de nazis. De film wann
mannig premis, ond in 2008 (tweitausend-acht) was selektird als de
best niderlandisch film fon alltyd.

Okay, dat was interessant. Ond nou schall ick geve somme einfaldiger
exempels om hou spreke menn Frenkisch in daglik lyv.

Goud dag. Hwat is dis? Dis is myn papir. Hwair is dyn papir?
Hwair arbeid dou? Is dou en portier oder student?
Will dou drinke en glas water? Oder will dou have en glass bir oder milk?
Hou is de wedder disdag? Is de wedder regend, sonnig, windig? Is de
wedder warm oder kald? Is dair sneiw autensyde?
Goud dag, traffikkontrol. Hwat tenke ji, hou haastig waire ji sturend?
Fimftig kilometers? Nei, achttig. Dat is illegal in onser stad.

Goud, ond endlik will ick lese en bitt fon en oversetting hwat mak ick
nou, fon en bouk in tudisch. Infall aire ji tudisch oder kenne tudisch
schryvers, magschej kenne ji euk dis bouk.

"Ja, myn jonge, ick kann goud sage tou di, tou hwei geheur de garden.
Ick weit goud lang, dat de appels is stolen, ond ick weit euk, dat ha
segd de mann, hi gev tou eilk twei marken, tou ein hwei kann sage tou
him, hwei ha stolen de frukt."

"Dur Godd!" roupd ick. "Doch schall dou nejts sege tou him?”

Ick feuld, dat was ett onnutt, tou appellire tou syn eiregefeul. Hi
was aut de ander wereld, for him was ferraid nein delikt. Ick feuld
dat precis.

In dis saken waire de luden aut de "ander" wereld nejt als wi.

"Nejts sege?", lachd Kromer. "Dur friend, mein dou dann, is ick en
ferfalser, dat kann ick make allein en tweimarkstuck? Ick is en arm
kerl, ick ha nein ryk fader als dou, ond hwann kann ick fertiene twei
marken, mout ick fertiene dem. Magschej eidoch meir."

Okay, ick tenk dat is dis genoug for en kort forstelling om Frenkisch.
De grammatik is seir einfaldig, doch is de spraik euk seir einfaldig
for mannig menschen tou ferstaie. Infall have ji fraigen om Frenkisch,
kunne ji fraige mi oder David Parke. Myn freund Olivier Simon (de
schaper fon en ander spraik mid de nam Sambahsa) euk kann spreke in
Frenkisch, ond so kunne ji fraige tou him infall preferire ji tou
schryve in tudisch oder francisch omdat is hi fon Frankryk ond spreke
francisch ond tudisch.

Goud, tank ju for jur interesse, ond infall have ji fraigen oder
kommentairen kunne ji schryve dem onder dis video oder in myn blog, Farwell.

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