Hear Alemannic German (south Germany, Switzerland etc.) spoken

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One more Wikipedia deserves a mention after yesterday's posts on spoken Wikipedia articles in Persian and Turkish, the Wikipedia in Alemannic German. There are only five articles in the whole list (see here) but that may still be one of the best resources online to hear and study it. They've done a much better job categorizing the files as you can just click on Version to go to the version of the article used to make the recording, so no searching through the history to find the right one.

The articles are Bunschueh-Bewegung (the Bundschuh Movement, peasant rebellions from the late 15th to early 16th century), Kanal Ratte (a radio station in Schopfheim that broadcasts in Allemanic), Linzgau (a region in southern Germany), Pal Engjëlli (a bishop who wrote the first known sentence in Albanian), and Rheinfelden (a city in southern Germany).

I listened to the first one and if I didn't know beforehand I would have said it was a guy from Bergen speaking German, but then again I know very little about both German and Norwegian accents.

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