Idiom Neutral grammar and dictionary available in Dutch as well

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I just noticed that the Idiom Neutral grammar and dictionary from 1903 is also available in Dutch in addition to German and English. Here it is at Google Books, as well as here at So that' s one less translation that needs to be done, and an Afrikaans version will be that much easier to do as well.

It's a tiny bit different from the other versions in a few areas, such as this portion written in IN:

Resolusion 11.

Tel radik es leplu bon, kel eksist kuale parol nasional u kuale parol eksotik in lingui prinsipal leplu mult de Europ.
That's the IN version of this:

"That word is most suitable for an international language, which already exists as a national word or as a foreign word in most of the leading languages of Europe."

Resolusion 84.

a) Adyektivi es plased sempre po substantiv, p.e. dom grand, lingu universal.
b) Pronomi, adyunkted a substantivi, es plased sempre ante substantiv, p.e. mie dom, ist sirkular, kel tabl? kuant homi? kelk paroli, omni lingui.
c) Numerativi kardinal e fraksioni es plased sempre ante substantiv, p.e. du kavali, mil oktsent anui, tri kuarti metr.
d) Numerativi ordinal, multiplikativ e iterativ es plased sempre po substantiv, p.e. paragraf sekund, pagin trisent dudeskuinkim, plesir dupl.
e) Adverbi determinant verb es plased sempre po verb, ekseptu adverb ne, kel es plased sempre ante verb, p.e. skribar korekte, mi skrib korekte, mi no skrib. Adverbi determinant parol parol de otr parolsort es plased ante it, p.e. multe grand, no ankor, yuste ist.
That's the IN version of this:

"An adverb used to modify a verb is always placed after it, e.g. skribar korekte to write correctly, mi skrib korekte I write correctly. The adverb no forms an exception to this rule and is always placed before the verb, e.g. mi no skrib I do not write. -- An adverb used to modify any other part of speech than the verb is placed before this word, e.g. multe grand very great, no ankor not yet, yuste ist just this."

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