Another space podcast, this time in Afrikaans

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I wrote yesterday about a podcast called Astronomy Cast is quite popular and highly recommended, but if you know Afrikaans and/or Dutch or are studying Afrikaans you may want to check out one called Sterre en Planete (stars and planets) that is also very good. It's usually hosted by Hennie Maas and often a friend of his, each episode starts with the latest news and a lot of the episodes are call-in episodes where they take calls from listeners on any subject.

For other podcasts in Afrikaans, see Some other podcasts there of possible interest to Page F30 readers might be Rekenaarrubriek (computers), Die tale wat ons praat (the languages we speak) Finansiële Fokus (finance), and Ons en die ekonomie, plus quite a few others.

I wonder if the people at Sterre en Planete can be convinced to provide transcriptions for their shows as well.

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