Norwegian Wikipedia's article of the week is on the Aral Sea (Aralsjøen)

Monday, April 26, 2010

The page of the week on the Norwegian Wikipedia at the moment is the Aral Sea (Aralsjøen), one of the most shocking examples of how overexploiting an area can cause it to change for the worse. What was once a single inland sea is now a collection of tiny lakes.

Given their mutual intelligibility, the Norwegian and Danish (and Nynorsk) Wikipedias also show articles of the week in other Scandinavian languages on a rotating basis, which means an article on the Norwegian Wikipedia will get shown intermittently on the other two Wikipedias as well. Not sure why Swedish doesn't participate. The Scandinavian article of the day can be seen here, and Aralsjøen is a part of the articles for this month.

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